5️⃣ We are free. With 229 news sources on board

It’s an updates time! This week was not so big in terms of updates. But anyway there are few things we’ve done for Newslettrs.

First. We decided to make it totally free. First I had an idea to give everybody a month of trial and after that ask what amount could be okay for you. We have now more then 100 subscribers and I thought that to give all newsletters for free would be a good decision. Because the idea of Newslettrs — to make subscribers informed. And less frictions is better to provide it. But you can support us if you think this worth it. You can do it here.

Second. But frankly I want it to be some kind of profitable venture. I do believe in newsletters in general and in focused newsletters in particular and I think that newsletters are the platform with great and still not 100% utilized potential in terms of consuming news content. That’s why I’m launching Newslettrs for Business. Last week we had soft launch, but today — full scale launch. During the last couple of days we tested it with my friends from Future Founders community (thank you, Jonathan, for this opportunity to test our engine with you!).

— Sergei and his Newslettrs have super-charged our ability to deliver relevant, highly impactful content to our community. Hihgly recommended

Jonathan Stuart, FutureFounders

And the result — four custom newsletters for people in the community that we are going to launch next week. Now we do test issues. And as to me they look okay. We spent 3 days to fine tune our engine and algorithm to have everything we need. After 3 days we have four fully customized newsletters ready to start. So you can order it as well — here.

Third. Almost every day we are updating our sources data base. Now we have 229 news sources from all over the world. And another almost daily task — is to update algorithm, keywords and the system the works with sources to collect the most relevant news for the newsletter.

  • So if you are interested in news media industry — subscribe to our two daily newsletters about it: “☕️ Media & Coffee” (every working day’s morning) and “🌃 Media by Night” (every working day’s evening).
  • People who are interested in AI — our daily “🤖 AI in News” is for you.
  • If you are in startups and VCs industry — daily evening edition of “🤯 Startup News” will help you to stay informed.
  • And also we have daily “🌱 Climate News” and the newsletter I like most of all — “☀️ Good News Daily“.

Visit newslettrs.media to subscribe — it is totally free.

That’s all for now. See you next Friday. You can reach me via LinkedIn or via Newslettrs’s twitter.