4️⃣ Summarization, keywords and Newslettrs for Business

Friday — time to talk about our project. And I have something to share.

This week I’ve done some job to improve news curation. And those who already subscribed to one of our five newsletters experienced some issues during the week. But now all problems solved (I guess).

So. First and most important update — we are soft launching Newslettrs For Business. This is a service that creates fully automated, AI-powered newsletters for your news media, company or organization. It takes maximum two days from getting an assignment to release. It can be newsletter based on the content you produce (as a news media or marketing department of a company) or it can be curated content based on what your audience might be interested in. And this newsletter will be 100% yours. And for now we are testing this service with some of our friends and on Monday will show what do we have. So if you would like to have your own fully automated newsletter — you know where to go.

The second big news — we launched our newest daily newsletter. And it is about startup industry. You can subscribe here. And also you can get to the waiting list for newsletter about crypto (it is coming soon).

The third — technical updates. We rewrote the summarization of news and of issues. I think, now it looks better and does more easy to read text. And finally we have more user (or better to say developer) friendly system with sources. I’ve started doing this about 10 days ago and finished only yesterday. Before we have separate lists of sources for each newsletter. And that was not easy to use — especially when I needed to update some sources. Now there is one source list with labels and formats, that can be easily accessed. And I completely rewrote the whole keywords systems — now it is more accurate while curating news.

And the fourth — ESP. I’ve changed the ESP and switched to Mailjet. It is better for newsletters than Mailgun because of more user friendly subscribers’ workflow and management.

That’s all for now. See you next Friday. You can reach me via LinkedIn or via Newslettrs’s twitter.