8️⃣ Not everything, but still something

Weekly Friday product update is here. Trying to implement Smart Brevity from Axios to this post.


  • Added new feature in 🤖 AI in News newsletter. Now in every letter you’ll see new content block with some random useful AI things. This can be some reports about AI, tools, researches, blueprints etc.
  • Replaced issue’s summary with some data about the content just to let you know what particular are you going to read:
  • Regular code improvements for better performance.

Failed to do:

  • Today there will be no new newsletter. I’ve done 🥗+🍸 Tastes Daily, but I need to improve it as I don’t really like how it works. This is a newsletter with daily recommendations: dinner and a cocktail recipes plus tv series to watch during or after the dinner. Hope to open it for public next week, but you can jump in the waiting list here.
  • Also I didn’t add new feature to 🔐 Crypto News. I want to add a weekly prices review of the top3 cryptos, but also — I don’t like how it looks and works.


  • To launch 🥗+🍸 Tastes Daily and to add new features from the last week.
  • To update sources names. I don’t like how it shows now, and I’ve done some code improvements but need to polish it a little.

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