7️⃣ Errors, music and cocktails

Today’s product update is about our plans mostly.

But before… This week we had some issues with our engine. And our subscribers received newsletters with errors. Some of newsletters even didn’t publish. Sorry for that! The problem was with bypassing GPT if OpenAI’s servers are down. So it took a while to solve the problems. Now everything is much more stable.

Also we dropped the idea of newsletter’s summary in the top of the mail. Instead we have some factual info about the mail. But I don’t really like it anyway, so I’m thinking about should I put something there or not (in my mind there should be some data driven info about this or that industry covered by particular newsletter). If you have some ideas — feel free to drop me an email on hi@newslettrs.media.

And the most notable change in the newsletters this week — we’ve moved to the first half of the day. ☕️ Media & Coffee, 🤯 Startup News, 🌱 Climate News, 🔐 Crypto News, 🤖 AI in News became morning newsletters (or midday — it depends on your timezone). 🌃 Media by Night and ☀️ Good News are the evening ones. Subscribe here.

And now — plans

Next week we are going to launch an update for our 🔐 Crypto News newsletter. That will be a special Friday issue of newsletter with weekly data about best and worst cryptos (in terms of price changes during the week).

And also we’ve start developing two more newsletters. But that won’t be newsletters based on news. One of them (🎵 Music Charts) will offer you weekly music charts from Spotify: new songs, new artists, some weekly trends etc. Another one (🥗 + 🍸 Daily Tastes) — is about daily recipe for dinner (and one cocktail to drink after). You can jump in the waiting list here.

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That’s all for now. See you next Friday. You can reach me via LinkedIn or via Newslettrs’s twitter.