6️⃣ Bypass, Crypto News and mornings

As usual — some news about the product on Fridays.

This week was not very busy here as I was busy on my core projects Kit and BotsEver (we do football bots for our client in Ghana). But anyway I had my daily “an hour a day” for Newslettrs. And that’s what I have to tell you.

First. During all the time Newslettrs exists I had some issues with OpenAI’s GPT model. We use GPT just to read news from the sources and write summaries that you can see in every newsletter. But from time to time the connection to GPT via API is failing and that causes the errors preventing newsletters to go. And I was fed up sending newsletters manually sometimes (Newslettrs is an automated solution, so any manual activities go beyond the project’s concept!). And I sunk deep into code to make a bypass. So now If the OpenAI servers are overloaded (or somehow stoped working, crashed or whatever), Newslettrs will be still working but without automatically generated summary. You’ll see just the description of each news.

Actually, that is the thing I should thought about before, while starting the project, but I didn’t.

Second. The second big thing to tell you — now we have a full house of newsletters you can subscribe on our website. Now it six of them: ☕️ + 🌃 Media News🤖 AI in News, 🤯 Startup News, 🌱 Climate News, ☀️ Good News. And this week we are launching 🔐 Crypto News — daily news about all thing cryptos (coins, exchanges, trends, opinions etc.). This newsletter is having news, podcasts, newsletters, blogs and daily updates about gainers and losers — coins that went up or down most today in terms of price.

Subscribe here if you are interested in this kind of news and information.

Third. Almost all of our newsletters are evening newsletters. That was my idea to have all news for a day at the end of the day when you can read it leaning back. But I noticed even for myself — very often I delay reading the newsletters to the morning or even to the lunch time. So I decided to make sure that evenings are the best time for the subscribers to get emails. And I’ll be thankful if you take part in the very simple survey — hit the link and please answer just one question — “When it is the best time for you to get newsletters?“.

Visit newslettrs.media to subscribe — it is totally free. Support us here. And order your own newsletter for you clients, colleagues or any other audience you want to serve with news (Newslettrs for Business is here).

That’s all for now. See you next Friday. You can reach me via LinkedIn or via Newslettrs’s twitter.