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18:38 ️️ 🤖 Sequoia and Other U.S.-Backed VCs Are Funding China’s Answer to OpenAI

Sequoia Capital and other U.S. venture capital firms have invested in China’s leading artificial intelligence research lab, known as Horizon Robotics. Horizon Robotics is a deep-learning start-up focused on autonomous driving and has received over a billion dollars in funding from investors, including Sequoia, Intel Capital and the Chinese government. The investment comes as tech giants such as Google and OpenAI invest heavily in AI research, placing China at the forefront of the global AI race.

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19:37 ️️ 🤖 How to Use Chatbots, like ChatGPT, in Your Daily Life and Work

Large language models are already good at a wide variety of tasks.

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16:08 ️️ 🤖 ChatGPT Has a Big Privacy Problem

Italy’s recent ban of Open AI’s generative text tool may just be the beginning of ChatGPT’s regulatory woes.

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13:00 ️️ 🤖 AI Desperately Needs Global Oversight

AI technology is rapidly growing and developing, and this has caused concerns regarding the potential for misuse and abuse of the technology. A panel of experts recently recommended that governments should coordinate a unified global effort to ensure that AI is developed in an ethical and responsible manner. This would involve monitoring the industry and creating laws to ensure that AI is used safely and responsibly, and to prevent AI-related harm.

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12:00 ️️ 🤖 Brace Yourself for a Tidal Wave of ChatGPT Email Scams

Thanks to large language models, a single scammer can run hundreds or thousands of cons in parallel, night and day, in every language under the sun.

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New AI products

13:36 🚀 Notion AI Tools for PM
Unlock Your Product Team’s Full Potential

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21:10 ✉️️ Autonomous agents, not chatbots
PLUS: Adobe vs Midjourney, Coding without your fingers and Luma’s Unreal engine

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20:10 ✉️️ Plus : Google reveals AI supercomputer 19 hours ago
🧬 Meta AI introduces SAM

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20:00 🎙️️ Accelerated data science with a Kaggle grandmaster

Daniel and Chris explore the intersection of Kaggle and real-world data science in this illuminating conversation with Christof Henkel, Senior Deep Learning Data Scientist at NVIDIA and Kaggle Grandmaster. Christof offers a very lucid explanation into how participation in Kaggle can positively impact a data scientist’s skill and career aspirations

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06:00 🎙️️ AI and Responsibility in Financial Services – with Scott Zoldi of FICO

Today’s guest is Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytics Officer of FICO. In conversation with Emerj Senior Editor Matthew DeMello, Scott helps dissect somewhat troublesome findings from FICO’s recent survey on responsible AI in financial services

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