3️⃣ New summary and new launches

It’s Friday — right time to talk about some updates.

This week I dedicated to the engine. I don’t really like how the system is working with news curation. And after last weeks updates I’m doing a lot to improve it even more. Hope the results will follow very soon.

And yesterday all our subscribers (now we already have 100+ subscribers) received emails with some visually seen update. It is the short summary of the email that gives you a sneak peek of what are you going to know from the issue. It is automated too (I’m a lazy-bone, so want everything that can be automated — be automated).

Another big things I was doing this week — improving sources. Before I have separated lists of sources for every newsletter. But I think that was not effective as some sources can be used for more than one newsletter. And also — adding news sources means that I should add them in every list separately (and as I mentioned above — I’m lazy to do it manually every time). So now I’m finishing one big list of sources.

And finally — next Monday, May 8th we are launching two more newsletters: Startup News and Cybersport News. I think that six newsletter would be enough for now. We have five paid newsletters (first month is free for everyone and then you can decide if you want to pay any amount of money or to leave): ☕️ + 🌃 Media News, 🤖 Ai in News, 🌱 Climate News, 🤯 Startup News and 🌱 Climate News. And we have one free newsletter: ☀️ Good News.

Thus I’ll focus on engine and promotion. And maybe — in finding some investments to scale up fast and to do all my plans about Newslettrs as a service to create your own newsletters for you friends, clients, partners.

That’s all for now. See you next Friday. Or you can reach me via LinkedIn or via Newslettrs’s twitter.