2️⃣ New issues, engine update

It’s Friday. And I have something to tell you.

First of all, I’ve started our Twitter. Why? To communicate, to share updates. to get feedback. So you can follow us.

Now let’s talk about updates. I continue to spend one hour a day for this project.

New issues

During the next two weeks I’m going to launch two more newsletters. And I’m asking the subscribers of our twitter to choose, what topics these two newsletters should cover. You can take part in voting here, choosing from the following topics: Startups and VC, esport (my son likes playing Fortnite and CS:GO, so he asked me to collect the news about esport), crypto or you can name topic in replies.

Engine updates

The next big thing I’ve started this week is updating the engine. I’m not 100% satisfied with news the system collects on any topics (some important news were missing, for example). So I totally reimagined the keywords system that collect news. I’ve changed the priority, the way to get keywords from the news and the order of processes. Initially the system checked keywords in headlines before choosing them. Now I’m asking the system to read the whole text and to validate the relevance. And only if the text is relevant, the system should take it, write summary and include it in the upcoming issue.

And as to keywords — now it is a manual process, but I’m thinking of creating the analyzer that will collect relevant keywords, determine the value of each keyword and only after that will check news to be relevant to the keywords.

That’s all for now. Subscribe to the Newslettrs if you are interested in some topics we cover.